Pawnshop Academy

Pawnshop 201 - Full Course

Pawnshop 201 continues to build upon the foundation laid out in the 101 course with more detailed training for your Pawn Specialists.

The 201 course expands upon some of the fundamentals of the 101 course to give you Pawn Specialists the edge at the loan counter and explains more of the ‘why’ of the fundamentals. Giving your employees a clear understanding of why they do what they do. Once your employees have the why, they will be more effective at explaining programs, loans, and options to customers. Making them better offer solutions for you customers while they increase your bottom line and make better loan decisions.

Train each of your employees for only $59.99! PSA 201 gives them access to 17 videos that cover a wide range of topics that include:

  • More focused jewelry training
  • The power of saying YES to customers
  • Elevating the customer experience
  • More detailed explanation of different pawnshop programs
  • Selling the Warranty Program to customers to increase your bottom line